Mock job interview reflection

  1. While i interviewed my partner i felt powerful. I was in control of the interview and it definitely is a lot easier to interview someone than being interviewed. I think seeing the interview from an employer’s perspective did not make it more difficult or easier. I never know what questions they will ask me in an interview  or how i will be expected to reply.
  2. While i was interviewed by a classmate i felt a little under pressure but still calm. I felt nervous or pressured because they still had to judge me, but i felt calmer than i will in a normal interview because we are friends and spend a lot of time together.
  3. I think i responded to the questions well and in depth but could have been more confident about it and less worried about saying the right or wrong thing. I thought the hardest question for me to answer was “what are your strengths or weaknesses” I just don’t know how to talk about myself that way. I thought the easiest question was “do you work well as a team” because i do work very well as a team and i know a lot about teamwork.
  4.  I would advise someone to stay confident in themselves and to remember their basic pleasant things to do, like shaking hands, smiling, and sitting up straight. I would advise myself to not say um or like a lot.
  5. i have learned to stay confident and speak clearly. Also to always make sure that you know some questions beforehand but you don’t want to sound too scripted. You should behave very well, pleasurable, kind and confident before during and after your interview.
  6. I think this activity was good to do, because it gave us a small insight on the world of interviewing and slightly prepared for actually interviewing for a job one day. This is definitely a skill you need in life, people are always going to be asking you questions and be judging you. better to be prepared than scared.
  7.  how do you handle team conflicts? a good response would be, i think of creative and helpful ideas and discuss them with the other in the group to make sure we can be successful. A bad response would be, i would let others figure it out and i would go along with it. The first reply shows confidence and problem solving skills, while the second response shows disrespect and laziness.


Job Shadowing Reflection

  1.  What did you learn from your presentation? I learned that presenting is less scary once you get in the flow of presenting. Also practicing your presentation and being prepared makes it so much easier.
  2. How well do you think you did on your presentation? I think i did well because i spoke loud and clear and made sure to include everything i need in order to get an A.
  3. What are some presentation techniques that you can incorporate into your next presentation? Next time i look more at the crowd and read less off the screen.
  4. What if anything, could you have done differently to change the outcome of your presentation? I think i could have done even better if i spoke with my confidence or even had a topic that felt more interesting to me.
  5. Finish the following statements:

Labor day

We celebrate labor day on the first Monday of September year after year. We use this holiday to celebrate to social and economic achievements of American workers. Labor day was first created and celebrated as a federal holiday in 1894, thanks to the labor movement in the late nineteen hundreds. Americans also use labor day to symbolize the end of summer. We celebrate Labor day by having parties, going to see parades and a variety of athletic events. Everyone in America celebrates this holiday, whether they do something big or small, or nothing at all. Parades can consist of balloons, candy, floats, and just people walking through the streets celebrating as Americans together. i celebrate this holiday by going to the beach with my family. The beach that we attend has a big sale and big party on labor day, signifying their last day being open. Its always really crowded because of the sale on concessions. But its still a lot of fun because food, fun, sun, and swimming! I definitely think that this holiday should continue to be celebrated. This holiday is important because it lets our people who work really hard all year round know that we appreciate them and everything they do.

Black history month

I think that a favorite movie of mine with an African American lead is Bring it on: Fight to the finish. Christina Milian is mixed between Latina and African. In the movie she plays a sassy cheerleader. Her mother remarries and they must move, she is forced to join a new cheer team. She persists through many ups and downs, such as her friends getting sent back home, the team not having the fight in them, and another team constantly bringing them down. She takes the lead and becomes the teams captain leading them to winning a big competition and proving to herself and others that she had it in her the whole time. Everyone doubted her. Her team gave up on her and so did her friends. She lost her cool at times but got through it in the end. I think that this is a good movie to show how strong African Americans can be, because she had to move to a new town, leave behind her friends, take a new team under her arms, and get them to the top through a lot of torment from another team. This is motivational to African Americans and to every person, because she shows major attitude adjustments, persistence, and success.

Analyze super bowl commercials


The purpose of this commercial is to entertain and persuade, they entertain by having it in a joking manner and they persuade by saying they haven’t found the winning voice yet. This commercial only had one stance, the stance was that people should join the voice so that they can find their winning voice. The preferred audience i think is everyone, they don’t care who joins the voice but as long as people do. They grabbed the audiences attention by making the commercial catchy and calm.




The purpose of this super bowl commercial is to entertain, inform and persuade. This commercial shows that there are many different types of people and each person is different, and that we all deserve our own because of our differences. The only stance of this commercial is that people should buy coca cola because there are many different types, for different types of people. The audience applies to anyone, that’s the whole idea of the commercial. They got the point across nicely and i think the audience will appreciate that.


The purpose of this commercial is to entertain the audience. They don’t inform about anything and it don’t persuade the audience to buy the product. The commercial did not really have a stance, i think this is because it is mainly for entertaining purposes. The audience could be anyone. This could appeal to children because of the food or colors. This could be appealing to adults because they like the actor that plays the m&m or they like the general tone of the commercial.



Same sex adoption

What is your social issue? I’m arguing whether or not same sex couples should allowed to adopt.

Why is it such a social issue? It is a social issue because the children being put up for adoption are apart of the society and the parents are different from heterosexual couples.

What do people disagree about in relation to this topic?                                      Some people think that same sex couples wont properly raise the child(ren) and the child(ren) wont be in good, caring hands.

What is your proposed solution?                                                                                          My proposed solution is that a law needs to be set so that adoption agencies, no matter what their views or beliefs, must allow same sex couples to adopt if they fit all the other requirements to take care of a child.

Why do you think this is the best solution?                                                                       I think that this is the best solution because it allows same sex couples to adopt, especially male couples because they cant conceive a child. It also allows the children in need of a family and a home to be accepted into lovable arms.

What are pros to your solution?                                                                                            Some pros to my solution is that children in need of homes can finally get a comfortable and good home to be raised in. Also same sex couples can adopt kids, and have a family.

What are cons to your solution?                                                                                             A con to my solution is that certain religious adoption agencies might be upset because they don’t want the children to be raised by same sex couples.

Any questions to your audience members for help on your topic?                              Do you think that religious adoption agencies should be allowed to reject same sex couples? why or why not?                                                                                              What solutions can you come up with to make everyone happy?

Play-Doh creation

I created a simple house out of play-doh. This for me represents my future. I want to become an architect, so a simple town house helps show what i would possibly be creating in the future. At my table i saw a snow man, guitar, some sort of monster, and a paper and pen with words written on it. I thought about what would be the best thing to represent me and what i want to do. This activity relates to the writing process because who can update and revise. If you need to change something about an essay, you can erase and rewrite. If you need to change something about your play-doh creation, you can squish it into a ball and start fresh. Or you can change little pieces about your creation. I brainstormed this idea by thinking about things i’m passionate about and things i like to tell people about myself. I considered doing a cheer bow or a book before deciding to do a house. I chose the house over the other because although i love cheering and i love reading, architecture is a part of me that will shape my life and my future. I decided what my final draft of my creation was because i tried to add more or fix things but it never looked as good as the first time. My audience also helped me decide on what to create, i had to think about how they would react, and also how i would explain my piece to my classmates.

What is your stance on Abortion?

In the website ISIDEWITH i decided to discuss the topic of abortion. I looked at and analyzed data for America, Illinois, two different political parties and two different races. 38% of Americans are pro-life, which means they do not support abortion. The other 62% of Americans voted pro-choice, which means they do support abortion. In Illinois the pro-life increased by 2 % making it a total of 36% of people living in Illinois pro-choice. While 64% of people living in Illinois are pro-choice. I decided to look at different political parties, and how they viewed the topic of abortion. Only 12% of Democrats are pro-life. While in the majority 88% of Democrats are pro-choice. According to the data 68% of Republicans are pro-life, making that the majority vote for that political party. And only 32% of Republicans are pro-choice. The data shows that Republicans are more in favor of pro-life compared to democrats. Only 12% of Democrats are pro-life, while 68% of Republicans are pro-life. I finally analyzed two different types of races and how they viewed the topic. 42% of white voters are pro-life. While 58% of white voters are pro-choice. Black voters are a little less separated on the topic. 62% of black voters were for pro-choice. And 38% of black voters voted for pro-life. In comparison more black voters were in favor of pro-choice than white voters, 62%-58%. According to the data a majority of races and political parties are pro-choice. Having a total of 62% of Americans voting pro-choice, and only 38% voting pro-life.

Word art cloud

I chose these colors because they are calming colors. Also some of my favorites. I chose these words because i think these are ways that people would describe me, and have in the past. The shape i chose is a cloud. I chose a cloud because it reminds me to work my hardest and that the sky is the limit.